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At Graham Plumbing and Drain Cleaning, we offer comprehensive trenchless repair services that are designed to get damaged or slow-flowing sewer lines functioning properly again. Our process of trenchless sewer repair in La Mirada, CA includes the following basic steps.

Diagnosing the Problem

Before anything else, our team takes time to fully investigate the exact source of the trouble. A high definition camera inspection is performed first. We’re then able to aim our efforts in the proper direction and provide trenchless pipe repair or trenchless pipe replacement in La Mirada, CA with speed and efficiency.

Accessing the Pipeline

Trenchless pipe repair in La Mirada, CA is an appealing option for many property owners because it’s not necessary to dig up the pipe before making the needed repairs. Instead, we find an existing valve or connection point to use when carrying out our work.

Making the Repair

Trenchless pipe lining in La Mirada, CA involves installing a strong new liner into a damaged pipe and inflating it to fit the exact profile of the pipe’s interior surface. We only use proven lining supplies from reputable manufacturers, and we take advantage of up-to-date methods in an effort to achieve the results that our clients want.

Wrapping up the Work

Once we’ve completed repair or trenchless sewer replacement in La Mirada, CA, the only things left to do are close the valve or connection and clean up any spilled water in the area. We’re usually able to leave the property in the exact condition in which it was found with the exception of the improved functionality of the newly repaired sewer line.

Contact Graham Plumbing today to get in touch with a skilled plumber in La Mirada, CA to discuss the many benefits of trenchless pipe repair and replacement. We offer a wide range of additional plumbing services to restore and repair your plumbing system.


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